Exhibitor Referral Program

Would you like to exhibit in Tulsa Home Shows events for FREE?

We are testing out a new exhibitor referral program that can greatly reduce or possibly completely cover the cost of your booth space.

Active Tulsa Home Shows exhibitors can help us grow our shows with pre-qualified referrals. As a reward, your company can earn a $100 to $200 account credit for each referral that we close for booth space in the standard show floor area. Credits are $50 to $100 in the Shopper's Market or Winery Row areas.

If you are a networker, this is a great way to pay for your booth space or even pay for a larger booth space by expanding your show budget through referral credits. These credits can apply toward any of the following show-related expenses: booth space rental, show guide advertising, sponsorships.
Here’s how it works:

• Help us find unbooked exhibitors that were not with us during or after 2022. If they show interest in being referred and haven’t already been referred by a different exhibitor, let them know that you will pass on their contact info to us.

• Complete the referral form below with their contact info and any useful notes that might help us help them. We will notify you if we are successful.

• Referral credits are earned on the first booking on space sold to a qualifying exhibitor at standard rates according to this table:

Standard Show Floor Area:
$100 credit for 10x10
$200 credit for 10x20 or larger or multiple

Shopper's Market or Winery Row Area:
$50 credit for for 10x10
$100 credit for 10x20 or larger or multiple

• Credits will be applied first to any open booth invoices you already have in our system or secondly, as an account credit against your future bookings. Referral credits do not expire.
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Questions About This Program? Contact Frank