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• Step 3: Liability Insurance

2025 Spring Home & Outdoor Living Expo Booking Status

We are currently renewing 2024 exhibitors into the 2025 Spring Home & Outdoor Living Expo through May 31, 2024.

In response to overwhelming demand, we are expanding the show floor to accommodate more exhibitors.

New Exhibitors may enter their orders prior to May 31, 2024. But, placement will be limited to the expansion areas until all renewal orders are processed.

Call my cell, 918-605-5480 Frank.

STEP 2: Online Order Entry Form

Now that you have your top 4 booth location preferences, you are ready to reserve your booth space by completing the Online Order Form below.

Simply answer all the questions and submit when finished. If you have the usual information needed to sign up for a show, it should only take about 5 minutes to complete.

Upon approval of your submitted online form, you will be invoiced via email for your deposit and any subsequent payments, based on the payment terms you select. You will be able to pay your invoice through a secure online payment portal (accessed directly from a button in the invoice email) by either echeck or credit card, depending on your payment method selection. You will also receive a copy of your submitted form via email immediately following your submission, for your records.

After you have completed and submitted the Online Order Form below, you're ready to move on to STEP 3. When you submit the final page of the form, you will automatically be redirected to the next page, which covers STEP 3 (required liability insurance).

If you have already completed the form below and need to proceed directly to STEP 3, click here to continue. Or, if you need to return to the main page for Spring Home & Outdoor Living Expo 2025, click here.
Fill out my online form.

Important! Please Note:

There are 4 pages to the Online Order Form above. Please click next page at the bottom of each page to complete all 4 pages and make sure to click the submit button on the final page. You must complete all 4 pages and hit the final submit button or we won't receive all of your information correctly.

You can track your progress with the page names at the top of the form, or through the page number at the bottom right corner of each page.

When you've completed all 4 pages of the form and submitted the final page, you should be automatically forwarded to STEP 3 (Liability Insurance) and you will receive an email with a copy of everything you submitted through the Online Order Form on this page.